Where to try street food in Palermo

Try street food in Palermo is the best way to learn about the city, to really feel it.

Palermo is a city that witches you, that enters you, walking its streets you feel it alive and you realize that its decadence goes hand in hand with its magnificence. Palermo is one of the Italian cities that impressed me the most.

The first time, entering Palermo, I started to see her and only a few hours later I really started to hear her. Its dilapidated houses, its perfect dilapidation, its stinking alleys stagnant with water that it knows about fish after a market day, its ability to smash its beauty in the face while remaining as it is. You are beautiful Palermo, even if you do nothing to look perfect.

If you are in this city and you are not picky people, if you prefer street food, bite while watching the merchants who compete with those who make the highest voice and if you are not one of those who have to spend dizzying amounts to eat, I suggest you try street food in Palermo.

The food is really good and in addition you will have the chance to get into the role of someone who is there because he passed by on the street, without doing too much as a tourist!

In Palermo the markets are not lacking at all, get lost in their meanders and try arancini, bread and panelle (chickpea flour pancakes served in bread), boiled or grilled octopus, fried fish and, if you are really cool, try the frittola!

What is the frittola you can find out even from afar. If walking you happen to come across by chance in a group of noisy people who gesticulate around a basket covered with rags, while a man takes a handful of something (perhaps meat) and placing it on a piece of waxed paper gives it to the customers, he wants say that you are in the presence of a frittolaro

The frittola is nothing more than a preparation, dating back to the ‘500, derived from the processing of minced, boiled and then fried lard waste. Everything is placed in a wicker basket, seasoned with spices and served by hand.

What do you think, are you ready for the Palermo dinner on the road?