Weekend in Sicily

Sicily so I’m here with our lovely friends Sophie and Matt we are staying at Villa Nadia which is here beautiful Villa is very kind of typical Sicilian not that I really know what typically is like I imagine it’d be like this I’ll give you a quick tour latex it’s actually quite bright and hard to see inside now and we have some lovely little villa and a beautiful pool you can see behind me so we arrived super late last night grabbed pizza wine and pistachio ice cream literally all the cliches when you come to Italy so that’s pretty much all we did last night and the lovely owner and his daughter think it’s his daughter who is Dorotea of Villa Dorotea they showed us Brown quickly and now I think we’re going to head to the beach.

Rented a car but we do have a slight blip in that there’s a power cuts and the gates to get out the villa require power so we’re just gonna try a key fob on our set of keys and we’re going to go noose explore hey guys I thought I would just update you because I haven’t picked up a camera very much today I’m super shiny forgot load of Sun cream on um it’s very echo in here so we did end up going for a drive but it wasn’t very fruitful actually we drove into the town of Marsala but I think maybe it was like siesta time or something because everything was very closed and we drove to a marina which was kind of like an old fishing village style marina but quite industrial.

So didn’t really hang around there too much and then we drove to a beach which we’ve been recommended to go to but it was quite quite almost like a building site like doing workmen everywhere quite a lot like slabs of rubble on the beach and the restaurant was closed so then we decided that we just come back to the villa because it’s nice nice and sunny we didn’t want to waste any more time in the car so we went to a supermarket we got some pasta some really nice parmesan and some meat and we cooked lunch here and we’ve just spent the past couple of hours out by the pool enjoying the sunshine.

I thought I just give you a very quick minute all while the lighting is good so we are now in the like main area it’s kind of a very very open plan that Villa so this is like the now and cherry got some nice little painting from the walls we’ve got a big TV like lounge area over here a very pretty fireplace behind me some little candles I think they’re I wish a limoncello but it’s not limoncello is it citronella consider nella candles and a dining table and then through here is the kitchen where we have oh my gosh we had a nightmare earlier so they never used their dishwasher before we had to take the plastic wrap off the dishwasher and when we set it off not immediately but like 20 minutes later there was a power cut and we text the owners and he was like oh maybe you’ve exceeded the energy balance of the house so I think we’ve kind of buggered things up a little bit and then because of the power cut we couldn’t get out of the property because the electric gates and the works we had to yank them open so not the best start um but yes so that’s this is the kitchen from that or super really nice tiles yeah very pretty very typical Sicilian.

I keep getting random cravings for coke and I never drink coke so maybe I’m having a bit of trouble oh and also I keep noticing even though the Sun is not very strong I’m really getting quite hand-sew wonderful thing about Sicily is great tanning so I’ve just come down to the driveway and you can get a better view of the villa here looks really beautiful up on the hill and the view really is great beautiful view and that is C we also rented a car from one of the companies at the airport it has a really good decision because it’s quite nice to be able to drive around and discover new places although I have to say driving on the opposite side of the road is proving to be quite challenging ticularly with Charlie and around here the roads are all like what’s the word brick either sides that are quite narrow and Holly has not got very good spatial awareness so quite scary look at that oh my god this is so exciting it’s really hard to do one-handed John me to go yeah can you do it in a scenic way for the vlog make it look really pretty look.

We both happy special flavored ice cream treats what have you got Magnum pistache oh and I’ve got Magnum card oh I’m pretty sure I just said I was having a Magnum flavored card or I meant hotdogs pistachio flavor bombs so we’ve come out for dinner at a place I think it’s gone it’s a salt farm which seems to be a running theme this summer I’ve been to three now I can tell you all about how salt is produced if you really want to know but I just came outside quickly we’re already heating inside because I wanted to show you this sunset have a look behind me it’s so beautiful evening it is our second evening Emily and we’ve come to the main parts of town here Marcela and where are we moment well.

I don’t know via via 11 Maggio yeah great memory and yeah so I think we found like the main pedestrian area thoroughfare it’s quite a busy streets very difficult Italian we walk past lots pizzerias but we did have a piece of lunch so we’re trying to find something a little bit different for dinner what do you someone meeting something meeting because we’re going to have a little explore lots of nice little shops you might put into a few actually on the other now I won’t drop your bill because we’re in the shade in the street we’ve got a little tipsy jumpsuit I’m like a Primark bag.

I’m always ringing another jacket makes and virtually anything my entire life and morning riding our bike rounds but now black Madame Simone is off the coast of Sicily and it’s really really nice charlie didn’t want to spread bikes because apparently I’m a spasm bike but actually it was pour soap that fell off her bike feeling a bit wounded but we’ve had a really good time cycling around the islands we found a few nice little coves and we’ve come to beautiful little beach house it’s so very windy situation you so you’re giving the bike back we are all bike that’s probably been on the bikes for about six hours today the quite unkind look how Italian Matt looks it is stripes you don’t so it’s a Liana oh now we’ve found a lovely little Piazza so we’re currently on a mission to finalize and I think that place my god yeah that looks like there but ice cream pistachio here we go she’s another madman thank you you wanna take them out the safe yeah that one’s me ciao Bella’s it’s our final morning here in Sicily do you think I was talking to you I’m John poisonous it’s our final morning in Sicily and we’ve driven with packs out of the villa and we’ve driven leave an hour to the north of the island we’re now at the is that about Napa Valley Della’s Ungaro I think I was caught and it was probably the most scenic drive that we’ve done the whole trip to get here and we’re now doing a little warp pick a beautiful this view errs so Stein by travelpod member Oh so we’ve left the coast now looking the ocean and what we don’t.